About Us

Established on 1st September 2008, Bliss Employment is an experienced leader in the employment services industry. Over the years, we have helped match thousands of Hong Kong employers with high-calibre domestic helpers that satisfy their household needs. At Bliss, we listen attentively to your needs and do our best to meet them so that you will have total peace of mind when you hire our domestic helpers.

We hold our own Philippines & Indonesia accreditation licence. Initially, our office was located in Causeway Bay. With the expansion of the business, we have relocated to our current location in Room 1116, Golden Era Plaza, Mong Kok as well as related to Mamie Employment Centre Ltd in 2014. Our range of services are as follows:

  • Matching Employers with experienced foreign domestic helpers
  • Matching Employers with domestic helpers already based in Hong Kong
  • Visa formalities for domestic helpers
  • Contract renewal
  • Sale of flights and insurance policies for domestic helpers

The Bliss Advantage

Bliss Employment is well-regarded by Hong Kong’s domestic helper employers. With the following advantages, we are proud to be a leader in the employment services industry.

The Bliss Team

The Bliss Team is committed to serving your needs. Before the setting up Bliss, the owner, Ms. Li, was already an experienced professional in the industry with years of experience behind her back. Therefore at Bliss, we have developed a unique understanding of Employers’ needs and wants. Under Ms Li’s leadership, staff members on this Bliss Team are characterised by their enthusiasm, knowledge, abilities and warm and welcoming attitude towards Employers.

Highly personal service

Bliss Employment is a small enterprise and our team is modest in size. Therefore, we have what it takes to provide Employers with friendly, helpful and highly personal services. At Bliss, we believe each and every Employer is unique in their needs and preferences. We are all ears when it comes to that – it is our duty to best satisfy your household needs. This personal nature of our services is simply unmatched by large-scale, chain employment agencies.

Extensive Partnership Network

Bliss Employment enjoys an extensive network of partners spanning Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. We also hold independently an Indonesian Licence. What is more, Ms. Li regularly pays visits to the Philippines and Indonesia to recruit suitable candidates to add to our pool of foreign domestic helpers. Therefore, you benefit exclusively from selecting a perfect domestic helper from our expansive pool of candidates.